Take Care of Your Floors

With a little care and maintenance, your new installation from G.S. Hardwood Floors Ltd. can enhance your home or business for many years to come. Please find some useful tips below to extend the life of your new floor.

1. Use a broom often to routinely remove dirt and dust.
2. Vacuum to get those hard-to-reach areas.
3. Avoid mopping hardwood as water will deteriorate the floor.
4. Use approved hardwood floor cleaners to spot clean.
5. Do not use cleaners that leave a film or residue that can make the floor slick.
6. Clean up spills quickly and try to minimize water exposure.
7. Use floor mats in high traffic areas to avoid scratching.
8. Enjoy your floor!

Please feel free to ask the experts at G.S. Hardwood Floors Ltd. for tips on cleaning and maintenance. We can suggest the proper cleaner for your specific floor type. We are always happy to help!